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YUKIKO Abe-Guerreiro

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Hi Everyone! My name is Yukiko. I am from Kanagawa-ken of Japan and living in Hawai'i.
I have a certificate of (420 hours mandated) Advanced Skills for Japanese Teaching.
From age 12-16 I lived in Australia. Because of this experience, from young age, I got to be interested in different culture and people.
I used to travel by myself a lot to see and experience something different outside Japan. I like meeting people from various cultural backgrounds and am always excited when asked about Japan, Japanese language, culture, life in Japan....etc.
When I was in college, I helped exchange students from Thailand with learning Japanese for about a few months.
Also I attended a group consisting of about 20 people from Germany appointed by a non-profit intercultural exchange organization to visit various cultural businesses in 4 cities in Japan as an interpreter.
From then on, I have taught Japanese to people in/from various countries like England, US, Philippines etc. Teaching Japanese is exciting, fun and hard at the same time, but watching the students improve in their Japanese skill is fullfilling!

Teaching style:I usually prepare a rough outline for each lesson, but if you have any materials or topics you wish to study or talk about, we can certainly do that.
I focus on the correct pronunciation, accent/intonation modification and smooth output as well as grammar. I do sometimes give students homework materials to read, write or memorize because it really does help when learning foreign language.
Japanese is a beautiful and delicate, fun and flexible, and yet very tough language. Let's have fun and let me help you improve your Japanese and bring up your confidence!
Please feel free to send me a message about free trial lesson.


Teaching style:通常は大まかにその日勉強することを決めますが、もし生徒さんが勉強したり話したいトピックなどがあれば、もちろんそれを使って授業をできます。

*Please be sure to briefly mention your fluency level such as… absolute beginner, or elementary level learner, advanced etc. Have you memorized all Hiragana and Katakana? Able to form an easy sentence, Can read easy kanji, Can communicate with Japanese people most of the time, Can read newspaper, Need practice in expression, vocabularies, subtle differences in expressions etc…
Let’s have a chat and see if we both agree to go on from there.

My background:
I grew up in Japan until 5th grade.
From 6th grade until the end of 9th grade, I lived in Australia, where I learned the basic skills of English from zero level.
From high school I went back to Japan.
I graduated from a women’s university with the BA of Sociology from Social Science Division, which focused on vast and advanced knowledge of social studies, political studies, psychology, globalism etc etc.
I did a lot of travelling after graduating.
I have worked in several different industries, the longest being the Japanese music industry where I worked as a media relations and publicity assistant/promotional media creator, the second longest being computer technology industry, in which I worked one time as a graphic software technician, and then as a client relations assistant , and then a business event marketing assistant etc.
On the side, I used to work as a freelance 'J to English' and 'English to Japanese' translator/proofreader.

My hobbies:
Swimming, SUP(Stand-up Paddiline), Gym training, Netflix, Photograph(taking pictures), playing with/working on computer etc.

[ Cancellation and/or Rescheduling ]
I live in Hawai’i, so my time is HST(Hawai’i Standard Time).
I work daytime and, my hours may fluctuate with contingencies but I'll do my best to keep pre-scheduled lessons and will notify of my cancellations in advance.
*Verbling regulation: Students must send a rescheduling/cancellation notice before 12 hours prior to the next lesson you have booked as stated in the Verbling regulation. To "Reschedule" your lesson, please do so with at least 12 hours advance notice. If the class is scheduled to start in less than 12 hours, you will not be able to "Reschedule", but you will be able to "Cancel" the class and receive a 50% refund. You must write something in the message box explaining to your teacher why you are rescheduling.

[ No-show ]
Your lesson will be cancelled and there will be no refund if you do not show after 10 minutes of the lesson start time.

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1990 - 1994
B.A. Social Science
T E Women's University - Kanagawa


2017 - 2018
420 hour Advanced Skills of Japanese Teaching Course
World Japanese Language Centre - Sydney, NSW., Australia
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