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Hi there! My name is Thaïs. I'm a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker from Rio de Janeiro. Besides teaching, I also work as an interpreter. As a teacher, I have worked in language schools as well, teaching both English and German to students of all levels and backgrounds. I have a BA in advertising and also studied film and acting. I would love to help you out with your Brazilian Portuguese. Send me a message, and we'll get started.


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Brazilian Portuguese

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Freelance Interpreter
Several Interpretation Agencies - Location intependent
Has been working as an interpreter for interpretation agencies based in the US since March 2016.
Freelance Translator
Several Translation Agencies - Location independent
Has been working as a freelance translator for several translation agencies all over the world.
2013 - 2013
Consecutive Interpreter
Final Stage Productions - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
8 days of intensive Chubbuck Method Acting Workshop (Teacher: Maria Psomas) • Interpreted the class itself, questions, answers and concerns presented during the classes • Served as a cultural mediator where necessary
2007 - 2008
English and German Teacher
Berlitz Idiomas; Instituto Poliglota - Fortaleza, Brazil
Worked for 1 year teaching English and German at Berlitz Idiomas (students of all levels); worked for 6 months teaching German at Instituto Poliglota.


2013 - 2015
Interpreter’s Qualification Course
Brasillis Idiomas - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Focus in Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation
2006 - 2010
B. A. Communications
Universidade Federal do Ceará - Fortaleza, Brazil
Focus in Advertising
2007 - 2009
Professional Certification in Video and Filmmaking
Escola de Audiovisual de Fortaleza - Universidade Federal do Ceará (Extensão) - Fortaleza, Brazil
2006 - 2008
Professional Certification in Drama
Curso de Arte Dramática (CAD) - Universidade Federal do Ceará - Fortaleza, Brazil