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러시아어 (Russian)
러시아어 (Russian)

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우크라이나어 (Ukrainian)
러시아어 (Russian)
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마케도니아어 (Macedonian)

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My name is Svitlana. I am a native Russian speaker and a real fan of foreign languages and travelling. And I prefer quick results in mastering a language for my students!
Some information you would like to know about me.
My spoken languages are Russian (native), Ukrainian (native), English and Macedonian (beginner)
My education also deals with languages. In 2007 I got my Master degree in Philology “Language and Literature, translation (English ) in Donetsk National University (Ukraine), English Philology Department. Thus I have over 10 successful years of experience in working with children and adults. And over the last 2 years I have devoted myself to teaching the Russian language online.

How will we study?
My core principle of teaching is formulated in a very short phrase “to get a quick results”. I achieve this through short explanations, effective exercises and a lot of real life communication.

What will you get at our Russian classes?
1. An evaluation session to establish a curriculum based on your individual preferences. So it will be easy for you to follow your own progress lesson after lesson.
2. A great number of different studying materials, including films, music, articles and Russian literature: materials based on your individual interests. There will be no need to buy
books or download any strange programs.
3. Language support 24\7
Every lesson comes with one extra task that will get you involved in an original Russian language environment and test your knowledge in real life situations. But please, do not worry! I guarantee you online language support 24\7 . Thus you will not be discovering the Russian language alone day by day.

What do I need for classes?
All I want for my students is for them to discover new opportunities in their lives with the Russian language. And the only thing you need to get started is to book your free evaluation session with me now!
If you have any questions or you need my help, please feel free to contact me:)
Hope, we can work together!


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2002 - 2007
Master degree in Philology “Language and Literature"
Donetsk National University (Ukraine), - Donetsk, Ukraine
English Philology Department.