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Let's make English magic! My name is Reece Jones and I am a native English speaker. I was born in England, but now I live in South Africa.
I am a fully qualified ESL teacher. I have been teaching English online for a couple years now and I really love it. I have experience teaching all ages and all English levels, even absolute beginners.
Let me tell you how I can help you:
I teach general English, Business English, Conversational English and English for children. I can also help with many aspects of popular exams such as IELTS and TOEFL.
For general English, we select topics together and practice many aspects of English such as: Speaking, Listening, Vocabulary, grammar, reading, pronunciation and more.
For Conversation English, we will choose a topic together, whether it be a news topic or a general topic like “going on vacation”. We’ll do some reading, practice some speaking and work on spoken English skills, vocabulary and so on. Whenever you make a mistake I will correct you. I want you to feel comfortable making mistakes.
For business English, all reading and speaking practice etc will be focused on business topics and we will focus on business vocabulary and how to express oneself in a business context.
Regarding children’s English, I have a lot of experience teaching children. I have a lot of material and we will focus on their weak points in English.
I aim to create a comfortable environment in my classes, where we can work on your English as a team. If there is anything specific you want me to help you with then I’m very happy to act as a tutor and help you with those things, whatever they may be.
Although my English style is British, I am also very aware of American English style and spelling and I can help you with that if you prefer.
If you’re interested in my classes please book a trial lesson any time. I look forward to meeting you!

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2014 - 2017
Professional Online English Teacher
TutorABC - China
I taught various forms of English to adult students
2015 - 2017
Professional Online English Teacher
DadaABC - China
I taught Children's English