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PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE SCHEDULING THE LESSON, THANK YOU. Hi, my name is Marija and I was born and raised in Croatia in an area where the used language is very similar to the standard language. Here are some fun facts about the people in Croatia. We are coffee lovers, easygoing, friendly and most of us can speak English. There are a lot more interesting stuff about the people and the culture but we can talk all about that in lessons. I am a student at Philosophical faculty in Zagreb where I´m currently studying to become a teacher in social sciences. In addition, I wanted to get more experience with other languages I have been learning at the time so my primary focus was online language exchange where I have taught English and Croatian for the past 3 years. The reason I have kept doing teaching others languages that I am proficient at and want to step the things up is because it´s fun and it brings me great joy when I see improvement in someone´s language ability. My teaching style depends on what you need the language for. I have an official textbook which is used to teach foreigners Croatian and I adapt the lesson order and exclude things you won`t need or include things that you will need according to what kind of Croatian you need to learn. After every lesson I like to give homework, but that is entirely up to you. For example, if you want to understand people and talk to them then I am teaching you the conversational language which includes basic grammar and words, slang words, how to alternate words to become easier to use but so that everyone can still understand you. Plus, if you are going somewhere where a dialect is used I will also focus on those words. As for the learning outside the lessons, I will propose some fun media materials which can deal with the Croatian culture or anything you would like it to be about and later we can talk about it in lessons. So you can learn about the culture and the language at the same time. What I like to focus early on is spoken language because I find that when you are learning the language usually the focus is on listening and grammar and speaking is neglected which is especially bad when you need to learn conversational language. That would be all from me. I hope we can learn together on Verbling.

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