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¡Hola! My name is Mariana and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a teacher of English as a Foreign Language and a qualified Spanish tutor. I've taught Foreign Languages for more than 16 years. I believe that learning a language successfully comes through having to communicate real meaning. Learners trully learn a language when they are involved in real communication. For this purpose, I plan my lessons taking into account your needs and interests. I include authentic material such as videos, songs, literature and games in the foreign language. I work hard to provide my students with a variety of meaningful activities and creative lessons. Don't hesitate to contact me, I promise you will have fun while learning!

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2016 - 2017
B.A. [Licenciado] in English Language
Universidad Nacional del Litoral - Santa Fe, Argentina
Especialization in English Linguistics and Literature. Trainning in Contrastive Grammar (Spanish-English) and Online Teaching
2000 - 2004
B.A. [Professor] in English and Technical English
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Especialization in Technical English. Trainning in Communicative Approach to learning.


2000 - 2017
English>Spanish Translations
Freelance - Buenos Aires, Argentina
*Translated from English to Spanish *Translated written educational, scientific, medical and technical documents, as well as fables, stories, business and informative articles. *Applied language skills such as grammar, syntax, semantics, style and appropriate terminology *Consistently completed work by deadline
2000 - 2017
Teacher of English as a Foreign Language
Dirección General de Cultura y Educación - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Responsible for devising engaging lessons in English and for providing a healthy culture of learning. Also in charge of looking after the welfare and well being of the students. Duties: *Taught English as a foreign language from fourth grade through third year in State primary and secondary schools in Buenos Aires. *Working with other teaching staff to set goals, objectives and methods. *Encouraging students to ask questions and to express their difficulties *Listening to students to understand their concerns and needs. *Establishing effective classroom management practices, responding to misbehavior in a effective but measured way. *Giving feedback to students and writing progress reports for their parents. *Teaching students who have experienced difficulty with mainstream education. *Preparing and setting tests, examination papers, and exercises.
2004 - 2004
Teacher of English as a Foreign Language
St. Luke's College - Buenos Aires, Argentina
*Planned and conducted English language lessons for primary grade 6 with classes averaging 20-25 students *Wrote, prepared and submitted weekly lesson plans and created and designed homework, quizzes and exams to test student's abilities *Instructed students using textbooks, worksheets, games, and visuals to help improve reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.
2002 - 2003
Teacher of English and Spanish as a Foreign Language
Instituto de Religión Morón - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Served as a volunteer for a religious organization. Responsible to provide services as a teacher of English and Spanish to adults aged 18+