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*** Back from my Summer vacation! Current students please book your sessions for September, new student send me a message to inquire about sessions!***

Learning a language is not always easy. I know, I grew up in a part of Canada where I was forced to learn French. I know the struggles you have when you want to express yourself but you can't find the right word.

Hello everyone in the internet world!! My name is Keiran, I'm a Canadian CELTA certified native English teacher, and I've been teaching since 2010. I graduated from McGill University in Psychology with a minor in Religion. I've taught everything from children to teenagers to adults in classes at language schools and in private one on one lessons. I've also taught students from various countries such as Brazil, Spain, South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Turkmenistan, Taiwan, Mongolia and many more. My goal is to help you improve your English in a stress free fun manner.

There are lots of teachers here on Verbling, but not teacher is suitable for every student. So please read my profile and see if I'm teaching what you are looking to learn.

I understand that you are paying your hard earned money, or maybe if you're lucky your company's money, and you want to see results.

WHAT I TEACH (All my lessons include, pronunciation practice, accent and grammatical correction)

1. Intermediate to advanced conversation:

The goal of this class is to build your confidence, challenge your speaking abilities, while cleaning up grammatical mistakes, polishing pronunciation all through extensive speaking practice. Expect challenging materia,s to speak for 40-45 minutes a class and to receive corrections in a google document.

2. Interview Preparation

For most of you, if you were doing an interview in your native language it would be easy. But in English it's intimidating. I help you prepare by role playing through common interview questions. I help you refine your answers which will in turn let you convey the best image of yourself to your potential employers. I've helped many different students with interviews in many different fields including, IT, tech companies, hospitals, aviators, graduate students and many more.

3. IELTS Speaking Preparation

We prep for the speaking sections of the IELTS test by roleplaying, reviewing your answers, breaking down the areas where you can improve your score. To see solid improvement I request students to record themselves on their own and send me the recordings so we can constantly move forward.

IF the above interests you send me a message or book a trial class with me today.

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2012 - 2013
Celta certificate
2004 - 2009
McGill University
B.A of Psychology with a minor in religion.


Online Tutor
Verbling / Montreal Private tutor
Guiding ESL learners in their mastery of the English Language
2014 - 2015
GEOS Language School
English Language instructor
2012 - 2013
Private English Language tutor
2011 - 2012
Ilsan School for kids
English language instructor
2010 - 2011
Hyangnam Wonderland, Gyeongido province
English language instructor