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I'm Johnny and I'm an American. I've been teaching English for about 6 years now. I grew up in Denver, Colorado, in the US, but I have been living in the Philippines For almost 6 years. I have done a lot in life. I was a banker for 7 years, a DJ, a call center representative and trainer, but I have to say that teaching English is the best experience so far. As a teacher, I've come to realize that speaking is a HABIT. The way we speak, our rhythm, the vocabulary we use and even the way we think, is a HABIT. Would you like to be in the "Habit" of speaking and thinking in English? In other words, Do you want to become fluent in English? If your answer is "Yes!!", then try my lessons. I use a variety of topics, but my focus is on vocabulary and speaking skills. By "speaking skills" I mean the way to approach or think about questions before you answer. These skills are important for building a good English conversation and they add variety to your speaking. If you need to practice speaking for IELTS or TOEFL, I can definitely help you. I use a variety of topics to help students build fluency and improve their spoken English and increase their vocabulary. I also like to help students change the way they think about questions and use various ways to answer. I work with my students to build an English speaking routine that they can use to practice and improve their conversational skills.

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1998 - 2000
Colorado University
Associate in Applied Science (Administrative Studies)