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Learn Chinese with Joanna Lee, You will:
🚀Master Mandarin Chinese well.
🚀Get the professional skills of cross-cultural understanding and communication From her.
🚀Get effective learning methods from her.
🚀Get continuous support from her to develop good study habits.

Why Joanna Lee:
✊I'm a Chinese teacher(native speaker) from China.
✊ I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. While I was studying at university, I majored in Mandarin – studying both the Mandarin language and Chinese culture. Furthermore, for three years in a row I was awarded a scholarship and during that time I also obtained my Mandarin language certification and high school Mandarin teacher certification.
✊Since 2015 I have been fully dedicated to teaching Mandarin. During this 5-year period I have taught students from 30 different countries – accumulating more than 3000 teaching hours.
✊I have not only professional knowledge of Chinese and rich teaching experience, but also working experience in HR and marketing.

❤️❤️Story with Students:
One of my students is Ms. Juliet Petrus, an American and Italian soprano. She was invited to perform the Chinese song “I Love You China” for the 2018 Spring Festival Gala Evening hosted by CCTV. She was very grateful for this honor and thankful for my assistance in teaching her Mandarin. As you can imagine, I was extremely excited and proud of her – it was a very moving and gratifying moment for me as a teacher. After studying with me for more than one and a half years, Ms. Petrus is speaking Mandarin much more fluently than when we started. Following upon what she has said: “ I love China and Chinese people, and I hope I can develop my career in China.” - we will continue to work on her Mandarin together with higher goals for the new year.

📢📢Course Advantages:
(1) Effective Learning
Professional and systematic study plan
Specialized teaching methods
Customized teaching materials
Relaxed and harmonious classroom atmosphere

(2) Fluency Practice
Practice using spoken Mandarin in simulated life situations
Use of case studies in the Business Course
Conversation practice
Pronounce training
Learning exercise

(3) Building upon review to improve
After–class feedback & summary, and my correction to student's mistakes
Usage of a variety of activities to review language items

(4) My continuous support for your effective study
Constant mentoring and facilitation of the learning process
Help you develop good study habits
Provide you useful learning tips and suggestions

(5) Personalized Evaluation Report
Regular, personalized analysis of student’s strengths and weaknesses – recommendations for improvement.

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60 minutes

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2006 - 2010
Lingnan Normal University - China
Major: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language


Marketing Manager
Juliquancheng Culture Co., Ltd. - China
In my business classes, I will use my work experience(HR & Marketing) and knowledge, help you to learn more professional knowledge, help you better communicate and work with Chinese colleagues and customers, AND REALLY HELP YOU SOLVE YOUR BUSINESS PROBLEMS.
Online Chinese Teacher
Language Institution
I have taught one-on-one and small classes, and my students come from America、Sweden、Australia、Poland、Russia、Israel、Armenia、Korea and Czech Republic and so on.
2011 - 2015
Human Resource Officer
ASSAB - China
The work's experience is helpful for me about teaching Business Chinese Course.


Qualification Certificate For Senior High School Chinese Teacher
Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China
Subject: Chinese
2009 - 2009
Mandarin Level Certificate
National Language Working Committee
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60 minutes