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Do you feel that you know about English grammar and vocabulary, but you just can't use it?

When you try to speak English, do you feel that although you KNOW what to say, nothing happens? Or worse, that you say the sentence wrong?

Don't worry, this is normal. But you need to do something about it.

This is what I specialize in.

I've been teaching English since 2004 and it is a passion for me. This is why I get results from my students. Students like this:

"It's fun to get English lessons from Gabriel. I advanced my English skills naturally with him because he has an extraordinary way to teach English and I love it!" Dr. Şafak Ulusoy, Academic, Istanbul.

In our lessons I make sure that you can go from "knowing" about English to "using" English.
I'll identify your mistakes -- "knowledge" mistakes and "performance" mistakes -- and work on them through repetition and dynamic dialogue designed to push you towards USING English, not just KNOWING it.

After you schedule your trial lesson, I'll send you a detailed level test so I can know what your level is before we meet. During our trial I will get to know you and I'll find some of the "knowledge" and "performance" mistakes you have, so we can set up a detailed plan to improve and upgrade your English.

I look forward to meeting you so we can work on your English goals and achieve real results together.


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2014 - 2016
University of Portsmouth
MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics