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헝가리어 (Hungarian)

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✅ Hungarian tutor with 3 years of experience ✅

🤗 Welcome all to this profile, my name is Gábor, and I am here to help you with your Hungarian studies. Please, read my full introduction below.

👉 Everybody has his or her methods to learn a language. My approach as a tutor is to find the best ways to help you achieve your goals. According to previous students of mine, this is what makes me a good tutor - my methods are always suited to them.

🤔 You do not have your learning style yet? No worries, we can work on it together. I already tried different techniques based on my students’ needs, from videos to quizzes, online word cards, interesting articles, grammar-based lessons, and even games! However, there is always a speaking part in my classes, and between lessons, we can send each other short messages in Hungarian. This will help you gain enough practice and confidence to use the language from the beginning. :)

📌 I learned through experience, that it is always important to set a goal in the beginning. This helps you keep motivated. We can set a reasonable goal together for you (e.g. be able to introduce yourself and your family in a month), and I will plan your lessons according to this.

🧔 Let me write some words about myself as well. I started teaching on a different site during my studies at the university. Since then I graduated as a psychologist, but I still love tutoring. In my free time, I usually like watching TV series, and I love being in nature too. When I have the chance, I walk around the city, while listening to music. I am currently living in Budapest, but originally I am from the South of Hungary. If you need a tip on what to visit in Budapest, I can give you advice.

My introduction would be the following in Hungarian:
🇭🇺 A magyartanítást még az egyetemen kezdtem el. Azóta pszichológusként végeztem, de még mindig szeretek tanítani. A szabadidőmben általában sorozatokat nézek, és imádok a szabadban is lenni. Amikor van rá alkalmam, szívesen sétálok a városban, zenehallgatás közben. Jelenleg Budapesten élek, de Dél-Magyarországról származom. Ha tippre lenne szükséged, hogy hova menj Budapesten, tudok tanácsot adni.


📆 At the end of my introduction, let me ask you to check my calendar, to find the perfect time for you. You can’t find a time slot that fits for the first lesson? Write me a message, and we will find a solution for that. Otherwise, do not hesitate to book a trial lesson with me, and let’s start (or continue) your Hungarian journey together!

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