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스페인어 (Spanish)

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I am your VERBLING Spanish teacher (all levels, general, health, business, all needs!). I have worked as a private Spanish and English teacher (all levels, general, health and business). Face to face, on-line, private, groups in Spain as well as (Spanish teacher) in Canada (University of Guelph) and Denmark (Vejle, Molholm Private Hospital).
I collaborate with the World Health Organization as an expert consultant teaching in the field of Public Health to State Representatives of English speaking countries of Africa (South Africa 2012), Arabic and French speaking countries of the Mediterranean Region (Morocco, 2013) and Algeria (2014). In similar terms I am a member and active collaborator of the SHIPSAN project of the DG SANCO (European Commission).
I also work as an interpreter (international organizations, Spanish Local Government, Port of Malaga, International Vaccination Center of Malaga ) and I am a tutor of the Master’s Degree of International Health at the University of Malaga (Spain)
Bachelor’s Degree in Translation & Interpreting (University of Malaga, Spain, 2010)
Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (University of Salamanca, Spain, 1998)
Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language (Spain, 2012)
Bachelor’s Degree by the Official Languages School of Malaga (Spain) in: English, French, Italian, German, Arabic.

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2010 - 2015
Official Language School
B.A. Italian
2011 - 2012
University of Salamanca
Master Teaching Spanish as a Second Language
2003 - 2009
University of Malaga, Spain
B.A. Translation & Interpreting
2003 - 2008
Official Language School
B.A. Arabic
2001 - 2006
Official Language School
B.A. German
2000 - 2005
Official Language School
B.A. French
1995 - 1999
University of Salamanca
B.A. Health Science (Nurse)


1992 - 2000
Official Language School
B.A. English