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Hi there. I live in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. I am married and have a 30 year old son. I am interested in assisting people to learn English. I have a gentle, nurturing method when teaching and have the patience required to teach English as a second language. I enjoy walking, arts and crafts and baking. We have two adorable pets, a dog called Ringo and a kitten called Nina. I have travelled extensively to many places and learnt so much about different cultures and people.

I have a TEFL qualification from Inlingua, Cape Town. For several years I taught at Inlingua, Cape Town. Inlingua is a leader in language training worldwide. Prior to that I worked in the administration department of a large, progressive and modern school. I have a degree in Social Sciences from the University of Cape Town, a diploma in Journalism and have passed several computer courses. I have a high degree of computer literacy. For over 10 years I have also assisted foreign speaking students by editing and proofreading their English theses.I now teach students privately online via Skype.

I use the communicative approach to teach English. The emphasis is on encouraging the student to talk as much as possible and to keep teacher talking time to a minimum. The structure of my lesson would be as follows: I would teach the student the target language, (for example the present tense), then I would give the students exercises in the target language, after that the student would be given the opportunity to practice the new target language as if in a normal setting. I use many exciting media and also like to use games and puzzles. I cover all four skills - Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. I can also assist you with your pronunciation and English for Special Purposes.

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2011 - 2011
TEFL certificate
Inlingua Language School - Cape Town, South Africa
Completed fulltime 4 week course and qualified as a teacher to teach English as second language.
1975 - 1977
University of Cape Town - Cape Town, South Africa
Majors in African Languages and Sociology


Academic editor
Self-employed - Cape Town, South Africa
I edit theses of students whose first language is not English
TEFL teacher
Verbalplanet - Cape Town, South Africa
Worked as TEFL teacher from 2012 to the present
2011 - 2013
TEFL teacher
Inlingua Language School - Cape Town, South Africa
Worked as TEFL teacher from 2011 to 2013