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Hello Language Learners!!!
My name is Denette I am originally from Alaska, the state known as The Last Frontier. I am currently Living in Brazil, teaching english and studying my first second language! My hobbies include amateur theatre, singing, kayaking, cooking, hiking, yoga, and photography. I enjoy learning about conservation, permaculture, psychology, cultures, languages, medicine, and business. I studied Marine Biology at the University of Hilo Hawaii, and in 2011 I had an amazing opportunity to study conservation and wildlife photography in Namibia Africa I received my TEFL certificaton in 2009, and I have taught English in Alaska, Costa Rica, and Brazil.

YOU! I want to learn about you!? What are your hobbies and interest? Why do you want to learn English the language of William Shakespeare? Get in touch with me and we can design custom lessons ( FUN LESSONS ) to meet your goals. I am excited to meet you and learn about you and your culture!

( Estou falando intermediário Português do Brasil )


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Americorps, Nine Star Education ESL for all.
Teaching intermediate and advanced business English, young learners ( children 7-12 ) vocabulary and pronunciation, beginners and pre intermediate.
2009 - 2014
University Of Hilo Hawaii
Maple Leaf English School 2014 Brazil<br />Americorps 2010 Anchorage Alaska <br />Manual Antonio 2009 Costa Rica

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