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| Qualified English Teacher since 2010 | Intensive Courses & Tandem Lessons Available |Weekend classes available (enquire for more details) | 10% off second lesson |

Language learning requires patience, dedication, creativity and fun. I will supply all of these if you promise to do the same :) My style of teaching is to engage in conversation and interrupt your flow as little as possible. I will make notes and observations and as we go along I will give you these corrections and suggestions so you can improve your English.

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Hello there,

My name is Cearúil and I was born and raised in Dublin. I went to university in Scotland and Canada and graduated with a social science degree in 2009. I earned my TEFL certificate in Ireland in 2010 and have taught classes and privately since then . I lived abroad for most of my twenties and my thirties are shaping up to be the same!

My accent is very clear due to my passion for speech and drama as well as my time abroad, working on radio and my interactions with people of different nationalities and differing levels of English. It is important to be clear spoken when living such an international life :)

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2012 - 2012
CAPM Project Management Qualification
Project Management Institute - USA
Project Management and the 5 processes and 10 knowledge areas
2011 - 2011
Enterprise and Innovation Special Diploma
IT Tallaght - Dublin, Ireland
Focus on Project Management, Idea Creation, Global Business, Presentation and Sales skills
2010 - 2010
CELT Certificate in English Teaching
Dublin School of English - Dublin, Ireland
Focus on learning management, grammar, teaching practices and methodology
2004 - 2009
MA Anthropology and Gender Studies
University of Aberdeen - Scotland
focus on migration, social relations, learning and creativity
2007 - 2009
COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate
Life Long Learning Centre - Aberdeen, Scotland
Focus on Personal Development, Empathy, Person Centre Counselling
2005 - 2006
Exchange Programme
University of Guelph - Canada
focus on Indigenous Peoples of Canada, Personality and Behaviour, Research Methods in Social Sciences