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My name is Andrea and I was born in Great Yarmouth, a city on the east coast of England. I then moved to Aberdeen, Scotland where I first learned Spanish. I then lived in Venezuela and Peru. I finished university in Austin, Texas and lived there for 10 years before I moved to Spain. I have US and UK nationality (plus one more that you will have to guess!).

I have taught English (as well other subjects) for over 13 years. I have focused exclusively on Business English for the last 7 years because it allows me to continue to use the experience and vocabulary that I acquired while working in Texas. I worked in IT, engineering and healthcare. I also love learning new vocabulary related to my students' jobs (government, nutrition, logistics, law enforcement, etc.)

As I have taught a variety of students, I always try to find each student's preferred learning method. I like to use a variety of class material including a lot of "real" material. I like to help my students feel like English is their language by helping them to trust their intuition. I help my students to focus on the language in context and include grammar as a way to communicate. I believe language learning is personal so I try to connect the language to my students' lives. I want them to leave class and be able to use the language learned right away.

I also teach business skills like writing emails, participating in meetings, preparing for interviews, and giving presentations. My goal is for my students to feel confident expressing themselves.

I am curious about the world and enjoy hearing about my students' interests and obsessions. My passion is art and I practice yoga daily (I am a certified teacher). In my free time, I read and study whatever topic interests me at the time.

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교육 경력


2008 - 2010
Texas State University - Austin Texas
Linguistics with a focus on Spanish


2013 - 2018
Senior Trainer
Training Express - Barcelona
In addition to administrative tasks, I taught important students like CEOs of multinational companies.. I taught week or day long intensives in business skills (emails, meetings, presentations, ext.) I prepared professors to teach their courses in English at the top business and law schools. I also managed and trained other teachers and trainers.
2011 - 2013
English Teacher and Examiner
Universitat de Barcelona - Barcelona
I gave general and business English classes to the public in a university setting. This included courses for professors. I also worked as an examiner and level tester for official university language assessments.
2011 - 2013
English Teacher
Global Languages - Barcelona
Provided in-company classes to students high level students around Barcelona in marketing, logistics, and law.
2010 - 2011
English Teacher
Kelington Insitute - Granada
I gave general English classes to groups of all ages, sizes and levels. I had a very high success rate with students who were preparing for the Cambridge Exams (PET, FCE, CAE) as well as the TOFEL.
2009 - 2010
English Teacher
Casa Esperanza - Austin Texas
Helped non-native English speakers with work related language. Assisted women in a shelter to obtain the services necessary for themselves and their children after traumatic events.
2006 - 2010
IT Trainer and Support
Austin Community College - Austin Texas
Trained university professors to use new programs and equipment in their classrooms. Provided on-call tech support during class time.
2003 - 2007
Veterinary Technician
Emergency Veterinary Hospital - Austin, Texas
I worked nights in a fast paced medical environment with animals in crisis. I assisted during surgeries and other procedures. Between checking patients, I read the required reading to enter medical school.
2005 - 2007
Public Health Speaker
Freelance - Austin Texas
I gave healthcare presentations to young adults in university housing. I answered their questions regarding the health concerns appropriate for their age group.


2007 - 2008
Hatha Yoga Teacher
Yoga Yoga - Austin, Texas
Completed 200 hours in Hatha Yoga teacher training with a focus on anatomy.
2004 - 2007
Ultrasonic Welding Inspection
Austin Community College - Austin Texas
Trained to inspect metal by using ultrasound. This required studies in metallurgy and acoustical theory.

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