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독일어 (German)

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Hallo, ich bin Alina!

Originally a German high school/grammar school teacher (specializing in English/Philosophy) with 7+ years of full-time teaching experience, I moved to Sydney, NSW in 2015 to practice being a full-time Aussie. Loving Australia so far!

With a bit of free time on my hands now, I'd love to help you improve your German or even get you started on this amazing language (think Faust instead of Wurst, please ;)

I've recently completed a course of DAF (German as a foreign language) studies, so I'm now fully prepared to explain the difference between DER, DIE and DAS to you. Together, we can discuss your learning goals and work our way towards them.

I think it's important to mention that:
*I'm not a university student offering language classes to make a bit of pocket money. I hold a diploma in teaching and can proudly look back at more than 13 years of teaching experience (from private lessons back at the uni to my full-time jobs at various German grammar schools)
*I speak English on a near-native level which can be extremely helpful, especially if you're a beginner. Thanks to my educational background (I majored in English), I can quickly explain a difference between a noun and a pronoun, help you avoid 'false friends' and generally make sure you're swiftly headed towards your learning goal.
*I guess, this is the most important one - I LOVE what I do. Teaching brings fun, fulfillment and meaning into my life. I've found most amazing students here on Verbling and I look forward to pretty much every single lesson - we laugh together, we work our way through some difficult bits together - and by the time I hang up I always know my student's become a bit better. Which makes me a better teacher. Win-win!

Sorry, no sausages or beer allowed during lessons, however, this after-class option is to be discussed.

Tschüß und bis bald! See you soon :)

P.S. I love this book - it's perfect for beginners! I use it a lot during my lessons, plus it comes with a CD and there's a bunch of free interactive exercises online to help you remember whatever you've just learned!

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2008 - 2010
General Teacher Training - Diploma II in Teaching
Teacher Training Seminar Hildesheim - Hildesheim, Germany
Second State Exam (English and Philosophy for grammar schools)
2003 - 2008
Diploma of Education (English and Philosophy for grammar schools)
Leibniz University of Hanover - Hanover
First State Exam


2010 - 2015
English and Philosophy Teacher
Hölty Grammar School - Wunstorf, Germany
Taught grades 5-13 in both subjects, led the Philosophy Department


2014 - 2014
Zertifikat DAF - Deutsch als Fremdsprache (Certificate in teaching German as a foreign language)
Goethe Institute Germany - Munich, Germany