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I’m Alicia, born and raised in Beijing, China. I’m a professional Mandarin Teacher with 5 years’ experience and have worked in two companies which are both in the world’s top 500 for 10 years. So I specialized in Business Mandarin & Practical Mandarin.

【About My Course】
Based on textbook published by Beijing Language and Culture University, I developed my own teaching materials added many modern life information and topics to make language learning no longer boring. Since I’m a language learner too, I know clearly what the obstacles for language learning are, so just let me help you to get over them. What you need to do is practice as more as possible.

Three basic types of course provided as below and I will modify the corresponding price according to your need so please remember contact me before your booking:

***{Business Chinese $30(single lesson)/27(bulk lesson)}
Everyone who would like to boost your business Chinese skills could choose this course. Beginner is also welcomed.
I’ll help you to improve your communicative ability to work efficiently. We will learn the topics on business negotiation, contract, interview,visiting a company, company management, corporate culture, tendering and bidding, exclusive agent, market research, sales promotion, foreign investment, and any other topics you like.

***{Tailore lesson $30(single lesson)/27(bulk lesson)}
Everyone who would like to bring topics you are interested in could choose this course. You could choose history, art, geography and so on, all tailored lessons will be amazing, well-prepared and teach in a highly interesting and interactive way so do not hesitate to tell me and we will discuss together.

【What you will get】
*A high-efficiency class environment with fun;
*Receive well-presented notes;
*Get interactive and practical knowledge;
*Support for every student.

【About how to start a lesson with me】
If you are interested in learning with me, contact me first to book a trial lesson or a formal lesson. I’ll contact you as soon as I receive your message.

*For a professional lesson, I’ll send you a simple test on google to help me to get your Mandarin level if you are not a beginner. Believe me this is very helpful for me to know you well.


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2010 - 2013
Renmin University of China - Beijing, China


2011 - 2012
Mandarin Teacher
Free University Berlin - Berlin, Germany
Teaching exprience


Senior Chinese Language Teacher
International Profession Certification Association - Beijing, China
Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
Confucius Institute Headquarters - Beijing, China