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Hello everyone :) My name is Albina and I am 25 years of age. I was born in Russia and moved to Italy when I was 6 years old. I lived and studied most of my life in Italy, but finished high school in Moscow, Russia. I am a native speaker of both Russian and Italian.
I recently graduated in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation and Translation Studies at the Civica Scuola Interpreti e Traduttori Altiero Spinelli in Milan, and the languages I studied were English, Spanish, and Dutch. I have a Certificate of Proficiency (CPE) in both English and Spanish and I am level B1 in Dutch.
My biggest passions include traveling, which have allowed me to go to amazing and diverse places and thoroughly practice the languages that I speak.
I currently live in Canada.
During my studies I tutored students in English and also completed my TEFL course in order to be able to teach in different countries.
I have also tutored students in the other languages I am proficient in.
My approach varies on the students’ needs and their level, but I always try to make my lessons enjoyable and fun, and I want my students to feel relaxed and comfortable, because I believe that is the key to learning anything. Having studied foreign languages myself, I understand how hard it is and how important it is to remember that every person has its own approach to it.
My favorite topics to teach include conversational English, Spanish, Italian, or Russian, pronunciation, and grammar. If you'd like to be tutored in an hour that isn't available on my schedule or have any questions, please let me know and I'd be happy to work something out with you!


교육 경력


2013 - 2016
B.A. Cultural and Linguistic Mediation and Translation Studies
Civica Scuola Interpreti e Traduttori Altiero Spinelli - Milan, Italy
Focus in Translation Studies and Languages


2015 - 2016
Ical TEFL - California, USA (Online)
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
2016 - 2016
DELE Nivel C2
Instituto Cervantes Milán - Milan, Italy
2014 - 2014
Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) - C2
Cambridge English Language Assessment - Cambridge, UK
Certificate of Proficiency (C2)