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Hi! My name is Adán Pérez, 27 years old. At present, I have the English Studies Degree/ English Philology and the Education Master. I have been working as a languages teacher for six years and I have been teaching English as a second language, Spanish to teenagers and Spanish as a foreign language. I have had the opportunity to teach my students in one to one classes or private classes and in group classes in a language academy where I have been working for three years. Regarding my teaching style and approach I like to focus on my students as individually as in groups so they can develop their skills and they can communicate among them and reach a same objective helping each other. Finally, it could be said that I see a language as a communication vehicle and it is important to work with grammar, vocabulary and the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) to get a proper level of communication. Therefore I like using several methods to teach a language such as the communicative method or the contrastive method to help those students who are starting to learn a new language with the comprehension of new words. It would be a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to work with you in verbling.


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Castilian Spanish
Teenagers (12-18)
Adults (18+)
Learning Materials
Lesson Plans
Proficiency Assessment
Reading Exercises
Writing Exercises
Accent Reduction
Grammar Development
Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Speaking Practice
Vocabulary Development
Writing Correction

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2016 - 2018
Master en Educación
Universidad de Murcia - Murcia, Spain
Especialización en Idiomas
2009 - 2016
Grado en Estudios Ingleses
Universidad de Murcia - Murcia, Spain
Especialización en Idiomas

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