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Hi! My name is Larry and I love teaching my native language to others! I live just north of Seattle in the United States.
I have been teaching English online since August of 2011. Since that time I have been learning a few things:
1. I really enjoy teaching much more than I thought I would.
2. People are much the same all over the world.
3. There are no people who cannot learn.
4. Teaching is not simply a transfer of knowledge, but a genuine desire to help others learn.
More than 500 students from 56 countries have chosen me to be their English teacher/tutor, since I began teaching in 2011. No two students are exactly alike, so I use many different teaching methods. I want to find a way to teach you that will be the most helpful to you.
My youngest student was three years old and the oldest is fifty-eight years old.
I welcome students of all ages, nationalities and levels.
I would love to help you improve your English skills.


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1978 - 1983
Hyles-Anderson College
Bachelor in Pastoral Theology