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Hi, my name’s Ian and I’m a native English speaker from Birmingham in the United Kingdom.
I’ve been teaching since 2005, a mix of English, Business and Computing and, in 2014, I moved to France so, for the past 3 and a half years I have been teaching English exclusively, starting out teaching young children in primary schools then, in January 2017, I decided to go self-employed, so now I work for myself, teaching students of all ages, either in their own home or via webcam.
At the time of recording this video, I have 16 happy students, but have room in my schedule to help you guys, too.

So, here’s how my lessons work:
I break each hour session down into 4 parts.
Part 1 – General conversation. This is where we catch up on the week in the form of an open discussion. No rules, no structure, just talking to each other like real people do in real life.
Part 2 – Speaking exercise. This is your chance to shine. We pick a topic for the week – I can suggest one in advance if you prefer, to allow you to prepare – and you talk to me about it. Of course, along the way, I correct where necessary.
Part 3 – Oral comprehension – This is where I get to do most of the work. I’ll find an interesting article or story, usually from the week’s news, and read it to you. Your job is to listen and explain to me what I’m talking about, in your own words.
Part 4 – Grammar exercise or vocabulary building – Depending on student preference, we can work on grammar rules, or do some hard-core vocabulary building. A particular obsession of mine is the phrasal verb. Frequently ignored by textbooks, these confusing, illogical, often mystifying constructs of the English language baffle non-native speakers, so are essential learning.

In summation, my approach to language learning is holistic and organic. I believe that the best way to get people speaking English well is to get them speaking English in the first place, so that’s what I do.


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2009 - 2010
Dudley College - West Midlands, UK
Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
2009 - 2010
OCR Level 3 Assessor's Award
OCR - West Midlands, UK
Assessing Candidates Using a Range of Methods