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Hello, Verbling Friends. My name is Bill. I have been teaching Korean to beginners online and offline for 3 years. I graduated from Cameron University, Oklahoma, USA. My major is called International Languages which the students choose two foreign languages to study. I speak Englsih, Korean, and Spanish. I have various experiences of language learning. So, I understand how frustrating language learning is whenever students face problems and their language skill is not being improved.
My teaching program has four sections. Each program also has particular materials for students. You can choose one of them for your lessons below:
1. Regular Course: it covers all parts of learning from the beginning: reading, grammar, speaking, listening, and writing.
2. Focus on Grammar: If you have some knowledge of Korean and want to recall what you learned, this is the good option to choose.
3. Pronunciation Doctor: this is for someone who is not confident with their Korean pronunciation. I use a book that helps learners improve their pronunciation. We listen audio files and practice together during the lesson.
4. Free conversation: In this section, we talk to each other freely in Korean. I deliberately speak slowly to students so that they become confident of their listening, understanding, and eventually speaking.
My philosophy for language learning is simple: it should be funny. The reason why is that it requires long hours of practice and repetition. Sometimes, students lose their interest in learning more, but when you begin to speak, understand the language, and deliver your message to native speakers, the feeling is amazing. Trust me. I saw many people who challenge other languages afterwards. I am also one of them. Please feel free to ask, and do not hesitate to make class reservation. Thanks all! See you soon!


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2012 - 2016
B.A International Languages (Spanish, German)
Cameron University - Oklahoma, USA
Studied two foreign languages, and minor English