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My name is Inés and I am an enthusiastic and dynamic Spanish teaching professional.

I have been teaching Spanish for 4 years now.

I first started working as a language tutor for Tufts & Skidmore Spain, which coordinated an exchange program directed to university students coming from Tufts University and Skidmore College. My job consisted mainly in teaching them Spanish, as well as organizing activities aiming to show them our culture and interest (something that I absolutely love!).

Besides that, I have also taught Spanish as a self-employed private tutor while I was living in Amsterdam, Italy and Edinburgh (the city I am currently living). As a private tutor, I also have experience teaching Italian (I fluently speak Italian, C1 according to CILS certification), English (I have a C2 according to CAE) and supporting lessons for primary high-school students.
I am really enthusiastic and friendly, very flexible and willing to adapt to my students' needs. I love languages and I enjoy very much being in multicultural environments (I have lived in 4 different countries!). So far, I have learnt Italian and English and I'm currently learning French, so I know how challenging learning a foreign language can be. I'm also pretty active person and I have lots of different hobbies (I love photography, writing, theatre, taking parts in volunteers activities... )

Regarding my academically life, I'm a neuroscientist. I did psychology as my undergrad and a master in Neuroscience. I have worked as a research assistant in different labs (that's why I have lived in different countries). Right now, I'm doing a master in the field at the University of Edinburgh.

I'm looking forward to starting!
Contact me if you have any question, you won't regret it :)

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Castilian Spanish
Children (4-11)
Teenagers (12-18)
Adults (18+)
Learning Materials
Lesson Plans
Proficiency Assessment
Reading Exercises
Writing Exercises
Accent Reduction
Grammar Development
Interview Preparation
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교육 경력


2017 - 2018
MSc in Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition
University of Edimburgh - Edinburgh, UK
Master of Philosophy applied to Neuroscience
2015 - 2017
Master in Neuroscience
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Madrid, España
Master in Neuroscience in Medicine Department
2011 - 2015
Grade in Psychology
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Madrid, España
Grade in Psychology with Clinical Psychology speciality


2016 - 2017
Disadvantaged teenagers entertainer
Mimosa - Padova, Italy
Collaboration as a volunteer in an NGO that works with teenagers and women with difficult backgrounds
2016 - 2017
Language tutor
Private - Padova, Italy
Working as a Spanish private tutor to both teenagers and adults
2016 - 2017
Research Assistant
Università di Padova - Padova, Italy
Working as a research assitant in a Neuroscience project
2009 - 2017
Personal tutor
Private - Madrid, España
Working as a personal tutor for children and teenagers that needed extra support after school (Maths, Languages, Grammar, Science).
2015 - 2015
Children entertainer
Miami Youth For Africa - Acornhoek, SouthAfrica
Collaboration as a volunteer in an NGO aiming to develop a handwork and educational project in Acornhoek
2014 - 2015
Research Assistant
Vrije Universiteit - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Working as a research assitant in a Neuroscience project
2013 - 2014
Language tutor
Tufts & Skidmore Spain - Madrid, España
Working as a Spanish tutor for University students coming from Tufts University and Skidmore College (U.S.A.). I was also involved in organizing activites aiming to show how Spanish culture is to the students.
2012 - 2013
Hospital Children Entertainer
Hospital de La Paz - Madrid, España
Collaboration as a volunteer in an NGO aiming to entertain children admitted to hospital


2016 - 2017
C1 - Italian
Certificato Italiano di Lingua Straniera - Siena, Italy
2014 - 2014
C1 - English
CAE - Cambridge, UK