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Olá! I've got a degree in Modern Foreign Languages - English and German - and a Masters in Education.
I've been teaching English and Portuguese for over 25 years from Beginner to Advanced. I've taught mostly in Lisbon, but also in New York and London, where I was a teacher of Portuguese Language and Culture. More recently I've joined the world of online classes.

When you first contact me for a class, it's important for me to know your level of knowledge, as well as your purpose for learning the Language. From there I can present my suggestion of a learning plan that suits your needs, I usually like both of us to follow specific written material so that you can build your knowledge in a structured way. Depending on your level and goals, I also like to complement lessons with online material, mostly for your own self-study. Also, the main focus will be on having you speaking all the time.
Finally, in order to learn a language you need to develop the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. But if your goal is to develop only one or a couple of them in particular, then we can always adjust to that.

Thank you in advance for contacting me. I'll do my best to help you with your learning.


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Portuguese and English Teacher
State schools in Lisbon; Portuguese as a Second Language in New York and London - Lisbon, New York, London
I've taught from Beginners to Advanced, from children to adults, both in Portuguese and English