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I'm Yasar. I am from the UK and a native english speaker. I have five years of experience in teaching, four of those were spent teaching adults online. I have taught adults from 18 and upwards for the Open University, the UK's leading distance learning provider. In this role, I was nominated by my students as an inspirational tutor and was then featured in the university's annual report. I also hold a Master's Degree in Online Education which specialises in creating effective online learning for students. Apart from teaching, I have worked in the UK and Qatar in management consulting and I am very well-travelled and thoroughly enjoy exploring new cultures. I will bring al these experience in to my teaching!

Language learning can be both challenging and rewarding. I know this because I because I was once a language student when I learned Arabic as a foreign language. But it can also be fun and exciting! And this is how I arrange my classes, to be fun yet informative, I believe that if you enjoy your teaching experience, you will learn faster and remember more information. Interactive group sessions are helpful in language learning and of course, so is practice within the safety of your teacher's presence.

With my support and guidance, you will progress fast and enjoy every minute and you might surprise yourself!


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University of Leicester - Leicester, UK
Master in Busniess Administration
2012 - 2015
MA in Online Education
Open University UK - UK
Focused on the development of teaching in an online environment and how best to use online technologies for effective learning.
2009 - 2009
ILX Group - Nantwich, UK
Project management certification.
2007 - 2007
Postgraduate Certificare in Mental Health
University of Birmingham - Birmingham, UK
Postgraduate training in psychology
2002 - 2005
BSc Psychology
Coventry University - Coventry, UK
Undergraduate degree in psychology