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My name is Tia and I grew up in the New York City metro area. I have been traveling for many years. I am a certified CELTA English teacher. I became interested in teaching after spending many years helping fellow colleagues develop their conversational English and their business writing skills for 10 years while traveling for work. I studied a few of the romance languages for about 7 years while studying classical voice so my strengths are working with people on their pronunciation skills as weill as grammar. Having traveled and spent time learning a new language, I understand what it is like to be the student in and out of the classroom. I like to listen to my students talk so I can see what level of speaking they are at. I like for my students to feel comfortable with me so they don't worry so much about how silly they sound or if they are making alot of mistakes. It's important to me that they understand the grmmar but more importantly it's better for them to put what is learned into practice. I don't like overwhelming students with all the mistakes they make but rather to focus on the more important ones that need attention so that they can be more aware and eventually get to the stage of speaking where they start to self-correct.
Although I can be demanding, I am always encouraging students to do better and to go beyond what is required of them such as joining language groups in their city of residence. For me , it is always a pleasure to share my language and culture and to learn about others' (culture & language) in the process as well.

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1995 - 1999
Bachelor of Arts
Westminster Choir College of Rider Univeristy - Princeton, New Jersey
Music; Voice concentration


English teacher (online)
Independent - various
I work with mostly adults who need business English or academic English and the rest of my students are beginners to intermediate speakers learning more grammar
2016 - 2016
English teacher (classroom- substitution & volunteer)
Academia Solidaria, The Kent School, The British English House - Valencia, Spain
Worked with ages 8 to adults as a full-time volunteer teacher and as a substitute teacher for the other schools for young children and young adults
1994 - 2012
Office Assistant
Small & large corporations - New York City, New York
Worked in various fields with working professionals in the city.


2015 - 2015
ILS France - Paris, France
Certification of English Language Teaching for Adults