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My name is Ana Maria and I was born in Bogotá, Colombia.
I studied humanities and languages for 5 years where and I became a language teacher of Spanish, English and French However I chose to do a master in my native language in 2014.
I lived in Bogotá until 2007, and I am now living in Trinidad and Tobago. I had the experience of teaching English at a secondary level in Bogotá, before moving to Trinidad. Then in Trinidad I started my first job teaching Spanish at a secondary level as well. After I decided to start teaching in companies and giving private lessons and I have been doing that for nine years. I love teaching my language, even though it´s a challenge because adults do ask deeper questions than children and they care very much about learning well, as most times they have a goal to achieve. They don´t learn by force but by pleasure.
Even though my native language is not English I have also had the opportunity to teach it to adults. Mostly Expats. I haven´t taught French nor Portuguese which I learnt for two years. My current job is not only doing private lessons but working for a company that exports plastics products to many parts of the world, hence why I am supporting the Latin American and French markets with my language skills.
I consider my teaching method very dynamic, motivational, and realistic. I like to bring my students to the real life in order for them to remember easily what is learnt. I don't like to be stoked to a book but to use different resources that make the students be proactive, and responsive to the class. The Spanish culture is very wide, interesting and joyful and that's what I like to transmit to my students when teaching it so that they could transmit the same when speaking on their own.


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2014 - 2016
Master in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language with Applied Lingustics
Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana - Mexico
2000 - 2005
B.A Humanities and Languages
Universidad Libre de Colombia - Bogota, Colombia