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Hi there! My name is MICAH, and I’m a TEFL-certified, experienced English teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in English Writing. I have over three years of experience teaching English to non-native speakers of all levels of English. Whether you want to begin learning the English language, improve your conversational skills or dig deeper into English grammar, I can and would love to help you!

I have taught English in Amman, Jordan, throughout the United States and will soon be heading to Europe. Age, nationalities and needs may vary, but I promise I have the capacity to assist you wherever you may find yourself in your English language journey.

How do you desire to improve your English, and why do you want to take lessons? Let me know in a message. Expand your vocabulary, prepare for a job interview or an exam, improve your pronunciation and grammar skills or merely begin from the beginning with this beautiful language!

The more detail I receive from you in your first message, the better I can prepare a lesson detailed specifically to your needs and your personal goals. Only you can choose to learn.

"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice." Brian Herbert


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2010 - 2014
B.A. Arabic
University of Oklahoma - Oklahoma, USA
2010 - 2014
B.A. English Writing
University of Oklahoma - Oklahoma, USA


Private English Tutor
Self-employed - Amman, Jordan; U.S.A.
2015 - 2016
Associate Editor of Trendesign and VIVMAG
Al-Faridah for Specialised Publications - Amman, Jordan
2014 - 2015
English Teacher
Amman Baptist School - Amman, Jordan


2014 - 2016
TEFL Certificate
University of Toronto