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Hi everyone! I'd love to help you with your Spanish. I've worked in several language schools delivering immersion courses with students that come to Buenos Aires to travel, study or to live. I teach people of all ages and levels. I'm passionate about teaching, learning, music. Don't hesitate to contact me! :)

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Castilian Spanish
Latin American Spanish
Rioplatense Spanish
Children (4-11)
Teenagers (12-18)
Adults (18+)

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2017 - 2018
English Teacher
English Services - Buenos Aires, Argentina
In-company classes in Philps and Banco Patagonia
2014 - 2018
English Teacher
Silvia Haskler Corporate Training - Buenos Aires, Argentina
In-company classes in Amex, Abbvie, Avis
2016 - 2016
Violin Teacher
Children's Orchestra/Programa municipal de orquestas infantiles - San Martín, Buenos Aires province, Argentina
I tought violin to children and teenagers
2016 - 2016
Spanish Teacher
Buenos Aires Educacional - Buenos Aires, Argentina
I tought Spanish to Brazilian students who came to study in Argentinian Universities
2013 - 2015
English and Spanish teacher
OnSet - Buenos Aires, Argentina
I gave mainly English classes and occasionally Spanish to immigrants, students, tourists
2014 - 2014
Spanish Language and English Teacher
Instituto Remedios de Escalada - Buenos Aires, Argentina
I gave Language and Literature, as well as English classes, to highschool students
2013 - 2013
Spanish teacher
Vamos Spanish Academy - Buenos Aires, Argentina
I tought Spanish to tourists and students
2012 - 2012
Spanish teacher
ECELA - Buenos Aires, Argentina
I delivered immersion courses to tourists
2011 - 2011
English Teacher
Dreams, Language School - Buenos Aires, Argentina
I worked with children and adolescents

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Flag영어 (English)
Lunfardo, the Argentinian Slang
The Lunfardo is the urban slang of Buenos Aires, Montevideo and other major cities of both countries –what’s also known as Español Rioplatense . If you have friends here or you are planning to visit...

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