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Naeelah Jacobs

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It is with great enthusiasm that I, Naeelah, introduce myself to the Verbling community. I am a very friendly person who is determined to make a success of everything that I set my mind too. I have a great passion for teaching and love meeting new people from different backgrounds. I hold a Bachelor of Education degree, majoring in English, Mathematics, Geography and Technology- as well as a short course in Bookkeeping to Trail Balance (accounting). I have completed the CAPS course focusing on (Home Language) English (South- Africa). I served as Head of Department for Senior Phase at my previous school.

I have been teaching students from various nationalities and countries for 7 years. I have had great success with teaching students from different countries with little to no understanding of the English language. I have helped my students overcome their fear of speak and writing in English. It's been heartwarming to see my students go into the world and using their knowledge that they have gained to achieve their goals.

My methodology of teaching: Direct method (I use oral skill and this will be taught by repeating/drilling words or concepts), Translation/Grammar translation (I will translate words/sentences from your language to English), Picture (I use pictures and words, identify the pictures and repeat the word)- eg. picture of a dog, word at the bottom).

As mentioned above I use different methods/resources to teach English, depending on what the student wants to learn. I structure my lessons according to the need and interest of the students. I believe that we learn best while having fun, so be sure to have fun when you learn with me.

Here are a few of the concepts I will be able to help you with:
-General conversation
-Reading and writing
-Understanding concepts/words
-Study methods/assistance
-Interview preparation
-Drafting of resume

I am excited to help you with all your needs to master the English language. Book a trail lesson with me, where I can learn more about you and what you would like to achieve.

I'm excited to teach you.

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60 minutes

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2008 - 2011
BED (Bachelor's Degree Education)
Cape Peninsula Universisty of Technology - Western Cape, South Africa
Focus Intermediate and Senior phase


2012 - 2012
CAPS - Training (English- Home language)
Western Cape Education Department - Cape Town
Focus in Home Language-English

1:1 개인 레슨

60 minutes