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이탈리아어 (Italian)
이탈리아어 (Italian)

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이탈리아어 (Italian)

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Hello everybody! I would like to introduce myself briefly.

I’m Silvia ,it's nice to meet you.
I’m italian and I live in Vicenza, a beautiful city in the north of Italy.
I graduated in 2014 in languages, spanish portoguese and english at Cà Foscari University in Venice.

After my graduation, I decided to take a gap year to travel a little bit,because I reckon that speaking with native speakers is the best and quickest way to learn, or in my case improve, a foreign language. So, I went to Australia, in Cairns where I taught italian in a public school, Cairns State Highschool. I learnt a lot about teaching my own language and working with student from grade 7 to 12 was a formative experience. I have always been giving private lessons to students but there in Australia I decided how much I love this job, how much I enjoy teaching. I find it stimulating and enjoying. Also, I'm actually teaching english and spanish in three different private schools in Vicenza's province.

My purpose is to build a program custom-made for every student and focus on the student’s language goal. It could be focus on grammar, conversation, vocabulary, listening, and so on.
So, I would like to help you in your studies and I look forward to meeting new students. Learn with me is easier and amusing.
See you soon

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2011 - 2014
Bachelor's Degree
Cà Foscari University - Venice
Lingue, civiltà e scienze del linguaggio (Languages, Linguistics and Cultural Studies)
2011 - 2011
language teacher assistant
CLA (Centro Linguistico Ateneo – University Language Center) S - San Sebastiano, Dorsoduro 1686, Venezia
participation in CLA language activities


2016 - 2017
English teacher
Pop Corner Academy - Montegalda, Vicenza (VI)
english individual classes
2015 - 2015
Italian teacher assistant
Cairns State Highschool - Sheridan Street & Upward Street, Cairns QLD 4870, Australia
italian teaching