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I am a 26 year old American living in Barcelona. I have a masters degree in Second Language Acquisition and I am fascinated and excited by how people lear second language! I enjoy using music, poetry, sayings, and tongue twisters when teaching and learning new languages. With a background in Applied Linguistics I am also very comfortable with grammar and I enjoy teaching and learning the nuances of grammar and the rich history behind the grammar of English and other languages. I was raised in Colorado and have a very neutral American accent, but I come from a British Family and I am familiar with British slang and norms.
I also believe that students must feel comfortable talking in the target language, and that the lessons should be customised to their goals. Do you want to give a professional presentation in English? Maybe go on a date with an Australian? Take a trip abroad to an English speaking region? Or just enjoy your favourite TV show without subtitles?
I think that consistent and clear feedback is key to students communicative growth. I encourage students to speak as much as possible in the target language about whatever they feel comfortable and interested in. I speak German and Spanish and have spent many years in Germany and Spain. I am quite familiar with the typical difficulties that speakers from these languages face when learning English and can help them navigate common mistakes. I have also dabbled in French, Russian, and Catalan.

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2016 - 2017
Masters in Applied Linguistics and Language Acquisition in Multilingual Contexts
University of Barcelona - Barcelona, Spain
Research into teaching methodology and second language acquisition, thesis about the effectiveness of Duolingo
2010 - 2013
Ba Lingusitics
University of Colorado - Colorado, USA
Focus in German and Spanish Linguistics