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I graduated in 2015 from the University of Granada with a BA in English Studies. At the moment I am enrolled in a Master’s degree in Teaching at the University of Seville.
Ever since I was in high school I have had a genuine interest for different languages and cultures, particularly English. That passion brought me to study a language degree and to live in Ireland where I have learnt the language and experienced its traditions. After finishing my studies, I really did not know what I wanted to do. It was after my first experience giving private language classes that I realised what my passion was.
Teaching Spanish has been particularly special for me. Sharing my culture and traditions while helping people to speak my language is something I love doing. At the same time, with my current studies, I am learning the values and psychology behind education. That is the reason I would love to take a step forward and continue developing my online teaching career . For that, I think I could not have a better opportunity with verbling.
My personal educational philosophy is that learning a language is also experiencing its culture, therefore one of my goals is to bring mine to the classroom enjoyably and constructively. Moreover, I consider myself very creative when preparing lessons, including crafts, games and dynamic activities.


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2017 - 2018
Teaching Compulsory and Pre-University Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching
University of Seville - Seville
Teaching in Secondary Schools
2017 - 2017
Teacher training course in Spanish as a Foreign Language
Rey Juan Carlos University and INESEM - Online
Teaching Spanish as a foreign language
2017 - 2017
Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Rey Juan Carlos University - Online
Using technology in the classroom
2015 - 2015
Resources for Teaching a Foreign Language
Cervantes Institute - Almería
Teaching Spanish as a foreign language
2011 - 2015
English Studies
University of Granada - Granada
English Grammar, Linguistics and Literature


2016 - 2017
English Teacher
Academia Háblame - Almería
B1 courses