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Just like you, I've also learned English from 0, so I understand what it’s like to be in your shoes!

It’s so important to keep language learning exciting, interesting and related to real life.
I know how boring it is to memorize vocabulary that you will never need, or to study grammar that you don’t know how to make use of when you're actually speaking English.

So instead, let’s put the 80/20 rule to work:
We will focus on learning the ~20% that get you ~80% of the results, not the other way around. That means we will only focus on what really helps you to progress and reach your goal.

We will:

1 ) learn with topics that truly inspire you and that you really enjoy talking about
2 ) learn and practice grammar with the topics that interest you, and in your own words. The aim is that you can use it straight away.

While learning together, we will discover what works best for you and where you need more improvement.
Because I prepare your lessons individually just for you, I can always take your feedback and prepare the next lesson so that we do what’s best and most exciting for you!

With all this, you will stay motivated and progress quickly, and you will actually be able to use your English the way you really want to.

Some quick personal facts about me:

I’m 30 years old; German; particularly interested in personal development, health, yoga, meditation, language learning and motivation; I speak (to varying degrees) English, German, French, Italian, Burmese and Thai; love to explore life and the world; I have lived in Germany, England, USA, France, the Netherlands, Tanzania, Myanmar, and I’m currently living in Thailand. And by the way: this has become possible for me because at some point in my life I decided to really learn English well. So I’m excited to see what learning English will do for your life!

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2010 - 2011
M.Sc. Medical Anthropology and Sociology
University of Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands
2006 - 2009
B.Sc. Social Anthropology and Sociology
Brunel University - London, UK
2003 - 2004
American High School Exchange Year
Iroquois Senior High School - Elma, New York


2010 - 2016
English language teacher
Fokus Sprachen & Seminare - Munich, Germany
business English; general English; intensive courses; 1-on-1 lessons; group lessons; levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
2010 - 2010
English language teacher
Muleba Polytechnic Center - Muleba, Tanzania
general English; group lessons; levels: A1, A2, B1
2009 - 2009
English language teacher
Language Associates - Paris, France
general English; 1-on-1; levels: A1, A2
2007 - 2007
English language teacher
Bagan Language Center - Bagan, Myanmar
general English; group lessons; levels: A1; A2