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The teacher did not show up at the lecture session

4달 전
I am new here. I recently did a trial lesson with an English teacher. Everything went alright and we accord to have some more lessons. I paid a 5 lesson package in Verbling. To my surprise, nonetheless, the teacher didn´t show up and I still got no response from him passed already 3 days. Moreover, I see him online on this educational platform sometimes.

Obviously, I want to look for another teacher. My doubt is. What will happen with my 5 lessons, the first one that I didn´t take and the other four which are not yet scheduled. Can my paid lessons with this teacher be used with another English teacher?

Thanks a million in advanced!

By the way, if any of you native English teachers are available to have a first free trial lesson (15minutes or so) let me know.

Thanks again!

teacher missed


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