Business English language learning

11일 전
Hello all,

As we all know, Business English is a niche of its own. It's one thing to understand General English but General English isn't always as useful in the workplace.

The Business English niche focuses on formality of language usage, terms used in meetings (and each type of meeting has its own vocabulary e.g. interviews / an informal chat [which we know is still a formal, legitimate meeting] / a proposal / negotiations or even the setting of an agenda and minutes) and more. There is such a variety of topics to cover under this umbrella term. How does one's vocabulary or sentence structure change when using Business English? When do you use "yours sincerely" and when do you use "yours faithfully" or even " with regards" in a formal business letter? These three phrases have very different usages.

If you're interested in learning Business English, go ahead and book a demo with me and let's talk about your needs.

Warmest regards,