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Advanced vocabulary about humour

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(Verb) make fun of something or someone – to laugh at someone or something in an unkind way
(adjective) witty – able to say or write jokes in an intelligently amusing way
(noun) cartoonist – a person who draws cartoons
(adjective) amusing – funny
(noun) black humour – disturbing jokes (for e.g. suffering, evil, death, murder) in an amusing way
(noun) surreal humour – jokes that are about things not in reality so they can be weird
(noun) slapstick – this type of humour is about people falling over, accidently hitting something (about simple actions)
(adjective) hilarious – very funny
(verb) burst out laughing – to suddenly laugh quite loudly
A good sense of humour – if someone has a good sense of humour, they are good at telling jokes

The letters that are underlined are the sounds that are stressed.