11일 전
English is a key that unlocks a world of possibilities! Need some motivation on why to learn English as your second language? Heres 10!

1. English is easy to learn
(English is everywhere. Take advantage of this fact!)
2. You can find more job opportunities
(Many large companies around the world require that their employees speak English. By learning English, you can be well-prepared for interviews with any large, international companies.)
3. You can become better educated
(You can use your knowledge of English to learn more about different things.)
4. You can easily travel almost anywhere in the world
(People all around the world speak English.)
5. You will know the global language
(You will be able to communicate with people who do not speak your native language. Knowing English will let you be part of a global conversation.)
6. You will learn about culture
(Language is culture, and culture is language. Knowing the English language gives you more insight into how people think, live and work.)
7. You can improve your understanding of science
(If you want to learn, publish or speak with authority in the sciences, you must learn English.)
8. You can date more people
(English could increase the number of people you could possibly date.)
9. You can improve your confidence
( Being able to speak a second language is a skill that everyone would love to have!)
10. You will exercise your brain
(Learning makes your brain strong)

(original article found on fluentu.com)