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Some Spanish expressions with animals
When we learn a new language we not only want to communicate, we want to communicate with fluency and be able to show ourselves as we are, without having obstacles that prevent us from expressing our being....
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Today I'd like to talk about motivation. Motivation is important when learning a language because it's a very long game. We have to dedicate months and even years to learning our language and we aren't...
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Oculto dentro de una taza de porcelana.
Si tuvieras que elegir un grano en el mundo como el más preciado, ¿Cuál sería? En culturas antiguas, muchos granos fueron considerados sagrados, y el alimento o bebida producidos a partir de éste, se consideraba...
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Traducir o No traducir?
A menudo cuando aprendemos una segunda lengua, nos llega esta duda a la mente, sobre todo porque normalmente quienes nos enseñan remarcan la importancia de no traducir para que aprendamos más rápidamente....
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A Few Cheeky Animal Expressions
Are you as 'wily as a fox', as 'slippery as a snake' or as 'crazy as a bat'? There are dozens of animal expressions in English here is a short guide to some of the most common ones. Stubborn as a mule...
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Diversi modi di dire "grazie" in russo
La gratitudine ha una grande forza. Quando si ringrazia, si diventa più ricco.. Per ringraziare qualcuno in russo, più spesso si usa la gentile parola “спасибо” che deriva dalla frase «спаси Бог» (salve...
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こんにちは。 このブログ記事は日本語のみで書かれています。 もし内容が難しいと思ったらYOMICHANなどの辞書を使って読んでくださいね。 Hi! This article is written in Japanese. If it's difficult to understand all, please try using pop-up dictionary likeYOMICHAN. 今日は副詞の「すっきり」と「すっかり」について練習していきます。...