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¡¡Aprende español cocinando!!
TORTILLA DE PATATAS FÁCIL En este artículo voy a mezclar dos de mis grandes pasiones...enseñar español y la comida!! 😁 No cabe duda de que la tortilla de patatas es una de las recetas más tradicionales...
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雨に関するオノマトピア/Onomatopoeia related to rain
今日は雨に関するオノマトピアを例文とともに説明していきます。 In this post, I will explain Japanese onomatopoeia related to rain with example sentences. 「ぽつぽつ」 例)10分ぐらい前から雨がぽつぽつ降りだした。傘をもって出かけた方がいいかも。 説明)降り始めに、雨がすこしづつ降ってくる様子。...
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Students Needs In Interconnected World
In today’s increasingly interconnected world, it’s incredibly important for everyone to speak more than one language, appreciate more than one culture, and communicate across borders and barriers. We...
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Phrasal Verbs
1. Examples of Phrasal Verbs Phrasal Verbs consist of verb + adverb or verb + preposition. The meaning of these combinations is mostly very different from the verb and the adverb or preposition alone....
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Impress your date by ordering with confidence at an authentic Italian restaurant! Italy is the culinary leader of the world and the increased popularity of the language reflects the growing obsession...
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Flag이탈리아어 (Italian)
Mi piace, non mi piace. Mi piacciono, non mi piacciono.
Lo studente 😄 dice : "mi piace La pizza margherita. " Io rispondo: "mi dispiace, questa non è La pizza margherita ma è La pizza Napoli!" Lo studente mi guarda perplesso : "quale è la differenza tra...