World Cup

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tyler Piontkowski영어 (English)
2018년 6월 20일
Every four years we witness the greatest tournament in all of sports, The World Cup. The World Cup is so much more complex than just a soccer tournament. The World Cup allows people to celebrate their cultures and their country. It allows people to engage with somebody who they may not have crossed paths with otherwise. The world Cup represents opportunity and hope. People share stories of great moments and memories of sitting around the house with friends and family and celebrating. You see this simple tournament is not just about who plays the most beautiful game of football (soccer), but it represents the chance for people to come together, embrace and celebrate their differences, and most importantly enjoy the company of others. Speak with them about their country, ask questions, even try to learn a new language. You see the World Cup is the greatest event in all of sports because it encompasses more than sports, it encompasses peoples hopes and dreams and the endless opportunities we have in this world to do whatever we want. I hope you all enjoy the World Cup through a new lens. Comment your favorite teams and players and who you would like to see win the whole tournament. 

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