IGBO Language Alphabet

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OBIOHA NMEZI영어 (English)
2017년 1월 27일


There are 36 alphabets in Igbo language. Pronunciation of each alphabet is the same as when it appears in any word as a letter, although they sound longer or are stretched a bit more as alphabets. Don't you think that makes Igbo language quite easy? I think so too!

I am going to list the Igbo alphabets so you can have a glance at all of them, get a bit familiar with them.

The Igbo alphabets, in the right order, appear thus:-

The upper and lower cases are separated by a comma.

A,a B,b CH,ch D,d E,e F,f G,g

GB,gb GH,gh GW,gw H,h I,i ị,ị J,j

K,k KP,kp KW,kw L,l M,m N,n Ṅ,ṅ

NW,nw NY,ny O,o Ọ,ọ P,p R,r S,s

SH,sh T,t U,u Ụ,ụ V,v W,w Y,y


Just practice, it's easy.

For "ị" the difference between the cases is that the upper case is made to look bigger than the lower case when writing.

Thank you for your attention!

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